Facial Mask Skin Whitening Anti-wrinkle Firming

  • >=10000 Pieces
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Breast, Face, NECK, Nose
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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Biological fiber
Anti-wrinkle, Firming, Moisturizer, Nourishing
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Supply Ability:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
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Product Description

1.Excellent Safety

It's naturally fermented with food-grade Acetobacter which hasbeen approved by FDA GRAS, and produced after the procedure of strict breeding, cultivation, harvest, purifying, shape molding and sterilization, finally it can be filled with essence to be the finished products.

The most amazing things is the mask absolutely grow up in nutrient solution and not involved any Industrial textile process
That is, we only harvest the mask but not manufacture the mask. It is pure plant-derived organic material, and extremely safe for skin, even for sensitive skin.

2.Excellent pro-skin Ability

 Bio cellulose is the tiniest natural fiber which existing in the natural world.
During the fermentation, the fiber generated from microorganism metabolism will entangled with each other to form a 3 D space
mesh crisscross structure.
The fiber diameter of bio cellulose is only 20"100 nanometers which is 1/500 of the chemical fiber mask, so its tissue can go
in-depth epidermis grooves to closely fit the skin.
Even when you stand upside down, there is no need to worry the mask will fall off from the face.

3.Excellent air permeability and absorbtivity

Although the fiber layers of the mask overlap with each other in this characteristic reticular fiber structure, but t also possesses good air permeability. When applying the mask on the face, there forms an enclosed space between the bio celulose mask and epidermis.


Once the space is heated by body temperature, the active ingredients will efficiently penetrate into open pores and be effectively absorbed by skin.

4.Outstanding moisture retaining capacity &efficient delivery of active ingredients

There are gaps sized wilh 0.5-20 u m between the fber bundles in its 3D crisscross networked structure so the bio-cellulose can not only keep air permeable, but also retain the moisture from losing
The bio cellulose mask can keep much more moisture and essence comparing to non-woven mask
Just like a large-scale water reservor. the mask continuousy delivers active ingredients into skin.

5.Deeply delivering nutrient

Because The Bio Cellulose Mask Can Closely Stick To Epidermis Grooves To Increase Contact Area And Carry A Great Amount of Essence, Also Maintain The Fluid Constancy Of Nutrients Release Process, It Reveals Remarkable Advantage To Delver More Than 50% Nutritive ingredients Comparing With non-woven Mask in Collagen Skin Equivalent Transmission Test.


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